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Coming soon

Redefind will be the first dedicated, FCA regulated digital asset insurance provider.

We’ll provide cover for digital assets (including self-custody), real world assets (RWAs), management liability and cold storage.

Coming soon

Redefind will be the world’s first self-custody digital asset insurance provider.

We’ll also provide cover for real world assets (RWAs) and management liability.


What should I consider when buying cryptoasset insurance?+

If you are looking for cryptoasset insurance, always consider the following: Be wary of companies that allude to insurance but do not offer a certificate in your name or at least with you as a named beneficiary (even then, make sure that your provider covers the totality of assets under management); be wary of providers who refer to obscure rating agencies, always search for A.M. Best, Standard & Poors or Moody’s; always check for high excesses or co-insurance requirements; and lastly, always check that the provider is regulated to provide insurance in the jurisdiction you are in. As Always, trust but verify.

Will Redefind’s digital asset insurance support self-custody?+

Yes! We’ll soon be launching the world’s first insurance solution that allows you to remain the custodian of your digital assets. Not your keys; not your coins.

Can Redefind assist with my other (non-digital asset) insurance needs?+

Yes, Redefind will be able to provide cover for a wide range of business and personal assets including property, art, jewellery, cars, boats, planes and any other valuable items, not just your digital assets and cryptoassets.

Where is Redefind available, and when?+

Redefind is set to go live in September 2024. We’re regulated in the UK and will be launching our EU office in late 2024. We have strategic partnerships in key locations around the world and are expanding our network to deliver the Redefind solution globally. Contact us if you have any questions about availability in your region or if you’d like to become a Redefind distributor.

What is CoverCrypto?+

CoverCrypto is a wholly owned subsidiary of Redefind. CoverCrypto is an annual subscription which covers the cost of returning stolen cryptocurrencies, NFTs and tokens. CoverCrypto is not an insurance policy or an offer of insurance. For more information visit the CoverCrypto website: